Rogers 1st in line files over 16,000 signatures in support of his re-election.

Commissioner Larry Rogers, Jr. of the Cook County Board of Review filed over 16,000 signatures in support of his re-election bid for the Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review!

The Board of Review is the Cook County agency designated to review and decide property assessment appeals filed by property owners who believe their property has been overassessed and is being overtaxed. As a Board of Review Commissioner since 2004, Larry has worked fervently for the citizens of Cook County, who for far too long, have been overassessed and therefore, overtaxed on their properties. Larry has accurately adjusted overassessed property values so that no citizen pays more than their fair share of property taxes. He has increased community awareness in various ways, improved efficiencies through the use of technology, and shaped a skilled staff to ensure and maintain a high quality of analysis, while streamlining the process for appeals. Larry has held outreaches throughout Cook County to increase community awareness and promote citizen access to the appeals process, including employing technology to better communicate with citizens. Concerned with the effects of the economic downturn on everyday people, Larry broadened the factors that would be applied when deciding appeals, so as to ensure that the analyses included outstanding factors such as decreasing property values. When changes in the levels of assessment were proposed and debated, Larry actively participated in county board meetings and hearings aimed at ensuring that property owners were completely informed of just what their government was doing and how its decisions and actions would impact them. Later this year, the Board will be launching a new online property assessment appeals system that will make the appeals process more convenient for property owners. Larry is a commissioner who believes that good government is fair, honest, transparent, and should fundamentally work for the people it is intended to serve.

Vote March 20, 2012 for Larry Rogers, Jr.

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